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CSC-IT at a glance

  • 120 + client systems
  • 70,000 + users
  • 1,900 + client workstations
  • 1,000 + client servers
  • 50 + services
  • 65 + client sites


Automating mundane tasks to channel resources to things that truly matter — growing your business
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    IT Infrastructure Expertise

    Our team has a deep understanding and insights into the IT infrastructure, including network technologies, cloud solutions, storage and servers. We can offer your company IT infrastructure designs, adaptation, development and support services ensuring high performance and security.
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    InfoSec Expertise

    We are experts in InfoSec and have great experience in ensuring the security of IT systems of our clients. Offering such services, as risk analysis and assessment, development and implementation of data protection measures, we guarantee that your data will be safe from unauthorised access.
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    IT Infrastructure Development Expertise

    With a team of specialists developing IT infrastructure of different companies, we help our clients update, upgrade, adapt, expand their IT infrastructure improving efficiency and usability. Our team has experience in managing infrastructure projects and launching new infrastructure systems. We are prepared with a strategy to develop the IT infrastructure and to upgrade and improve your IT infrastructure. We make sure that your IT infrastructure is ready to handle current and future business challenges and offers top performance and security.
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    IT Architecture Expertise

    With our IT architecture expertise, we design sophisticated architecture meeting the client's most elaborate business needs. We analyse risks subject to long-term development prospects, oversee project implementation – architectural control over development progress at various points.
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    Business App Development and Support Expertise

    Our teams are IT system experts (SAP, Bitrix, OpenText, Foresight, and others). We can automate and transform the structure of any complex IT system into a smoothly running process. We are team players and take pride in successful collaboration with other developers, analysts, and user groups and explore the app development market and technologies. We provide high quality support to users of different systems and levels, including VIP support.

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